crush1 – The Nāga Prophecy – Myrmidon – 1974 MMR

crush1 had a MMR lower than the average of both teams combined and a perfect counter, Warbeast, against him. There were two carries who he could not rely on. The result of the match lies solely in his hands.

The naga are former Highborne night elves who mutated into vengeful humanoid sea serpents. While many remain on Azeroth to attempt to reclaim the surface world, a large group followed the power-mad betrayer, Illidan Stormrage, into Outland and proceeded to claim the watery areas of the shattered land. In addition to their natural longevity, a number of naga develop mutations that increase their life spans even further. Some are immortal.

Game: HoN (Heroes of Newerth)
Player: crush1
Score: 20K/7D/22A
Title: The Nāga Prophecy
Character: Myrmidon
Replay: 135651347
Mode: Normal / All Pick
Avatar: Default
Average MMR: 1940

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