mr`busk – Javelin – Valkyrie – 1984 MMR

One more Legendary Valkyrie, this time in hands of mr`busk, supported by the mighty Andromeda stuns to enable easy landing of the javelins. mr`busk also gains advantage through frequent Ancient stack clearing, that’s why he may appear more powerful than a usual Valkyrie.

Game: HoN (Heroes of Newerth)
Player: mr`busk
Score: 20K/3D/11A
Title: Javelin
Character: Valykrie
Replay: 135556813
Mode: Normal / All Pick
Avatar: Legendary Valkyrie
Level: High (1938 MMR average)

Special thanks: Victor Lee, Bjorn Ihde, William Leonard, Zach Lyons, join them here:

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Status: Pending
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