Music Attribution

Some of the tracks used in our videos require attribution. Here you can find the list of resources we selected our music from:

Additional information about available music resources and how to use them:

WARNING: Royalty free music does NOT mean that the music is free, but refers to the right to use copyrighted material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees.

What companies allow me to use their videos?

Community based resources: (Things we did…. I think)
for skype group call collab, add ghostwolf2398 on skype
UfG Raidcall ID 287848
Attachment of UfG logo assets from ImTheBliss
Curse video logos from frontgunner

3rd party resources: (Cheap and small time, but good at what they do)
Valuable services
graphic design, medieval style
graphic design/motion graphics
music producer, different styles
Arkane Designs Order Form (for images and such)
Random filler clips
Photoshop cutouts/renders

Intromakers (Some free, some not)

Royalty free music:(DISCLAIMER: Not all music on these sites is no strings attached, be sure you know what the rights are to the music before using it) (Free, Credit required) (Free, Credit required) (Some Free, Credit required) (Some Free, Credit required) (Some Free, Credit Requested) License: (Some Free, Credit required) (All content here is covered under the public domain and is free to use for all) (All content here is covered under the public domain and is free to use for all) (Purchase necessary) (Free, Credit Requested) (Short loops free, longer loops for purchase, Credit Requested) (Free, Credit Required) (Free, Creative Commons License) (Free, Credit Required) (This one is kinda weird, you make your own tunes) (Free, Credit Requested) (Free, Creative Commons)

Credit these sites as such: “[track title] by [composer name] provided by [site name]”

For those of you that like Monstercat, they have a method to apply to use their songs for YouTube use. The form is located at

Legal Terms: A list of legal terms that apply to you and your channel, explained.

Copyright – A legal term used to give exclusive rights to a content creator for a registration fee, as well as taking on the legal costs of enforcing said copyright. Copyright is usually not perpetual and must be renewed by the content creator for another renewal fee. If it is not renewed, the content falls to what is referred to as the public domain.

Public Domain – Any content that has had it’s intellectual property rights expire, revoked, or are inapplicable.

Exclusive Rights – Legals grounds on which content creators can stand on in a court of law

Creative Commons – An organization that allows content creators to create and apply licenses to their work for others to use. These licenses replace the negotiation between the content creator and licensee that is required by law in the event of an “all rights reserved” or “some rights reserved” piece of content. These licenses only apply to works that do not require re-use compensation by the content creator.

Royalty Free – All this term refers to is the lack of a re-use fee for any content that is used in commercial places. When you hear your favorite song on the radio, royalties are paid to his record company.

If you have any terms that you would like explained to you in simple manner, feel free to ask, and I will add them to this list for you.