NinjaMicke – Pannywise – Fayde – 2035 MMR

Micke versus Panny. Place your bets now! Micke’s team mates picked Moira and Sand Wraith, who made Fayde even deadlier than she already is by default. The game is full of quick and suprising engagements, based on action and swiftness.

Game: HoN (Heroes of Newerth)
Player: NinjaMicke
Score: 20K/7D/14A
Title: Pannywise
Character: Fayde
Replay: 138195368
Mode: Normal / All Pick
Avatar: Gypsy Fayde
Average MMR: 1977

Special thanks: Victor Lee, Bjorn Ihde, William Leonard, Zach Lyons, join them here:

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