Solo`Vulka – Backstab – Magebane – 1940 MMR

The more Magebane the better. Powerful hero, especially against the newly buffed Hellbringer and Parallax. One could say that those heroes were invented as a buff to him, but in fact have indeed broadened his utility vastly in their recent popularity. Solo`Vulka knows when to enter fights precisely, waits for the positioning to unfold and then strikes the weak spots. Bravo!

Game: HoN (Heroes of Newerth)
Player: Solo`Vulka
Score: 20K/6D/16A
Title: Backstab
Character: Magebane
Replay: 139131812
Mode: Normal / All Pick
Avatar: Rage Bane
Average MMR: 1942

Special thanks: Victor Lee, Bjorn Ihde, William Leonard, Zach Lyons, join them here:

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